4 Effective Face Mask For Oily Skin

Male and female both are conscious about shiny or oily skin. Oily skin, blackhead breakouts, whiteheads, rashes, pimples, acne and else are most common skin problems. Among all these, oily skin problem is a major one. The presence of oil in the skin causes other skin problems that are why it is necessary to get rid of oily skin problems. You can find some market products that guarantee to remove oil from face, and they work. Some of the market products include a chemical composition that impacts odd on the skin. Therefore, people want to know naturally made face mask for oily skin.

Get to know some of the best face masks

The naturally made product do not have any side effects or chemical composition. So, you will eliminate the oily skin problems naturally. You can find some skin treatments of a face mask which are made of natural products. These products are easily available at home. Also, these natural products are available at a market where you just have to spend a small amount. So, it is cost effective as well as best for skin treatment. Some of the natural homemade face mask for oily skin is-

  1. Face mask with Clay, Yogurt, and Apricot

The advantage of this face mask is it regulates skin oiliness, soothe acne, and nourish your skin. For making the face mask, you need to prepare 1/2 tablespoon Clay, one table spoon yogurt and one Apricot. Mash the peeled apricot, and Clay and the yogurt into the processor till they become smooth. Now, you have to apply the blender in your face (keep away from eyes). Leave the mixture on face for 30 minutes or more. Now, wash your face with warm water. Apply the procedure for a week where you will see the results.

  1. Facemask with lemon, honey, and banana

When you mask on the skin, you are basically hydrated or nourish your face skin. This technique can eliminate oil from face and reduce the formation of oil. The face mask helps to retain moisture, and absorb oil from the skin. Hence, you can use the facial mask for oily skin to get rid of oily skin problems. Lemon, honey, and banana are the most common ingredients for preparing face mask for oily skin. You just have to mix these three ingredients in proper ration then apply on the face. Keep the mixture on face for ½ hour. Now, rinse out with cool water.

  1. Face mask with peppermint essential oil, banana, and Clay

For clay mask for oily skin, individually clay face mask can avoid the oily skin problem, but the mixture of banana, peppermint essential oil with clay can deliver better results. This will better hydrate the skin and retain moisture and eliminate oil production. Take ½ tablespoon clay, 1 spoon banana and take 5 drops of peppermint essential oil. This can make a perfect Face mask for oily skin.

  1. Face mask with apple, rosemary, and lemon

This one is best homemade face mask for oily skin. Take appropriate amount of applications and rosemary then mash it till becoming smooth then use few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on face then leaves it for few minutes. This is the best face mask for oily skin which is effective for avoiding oily skin problems.

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